Some people say that we should live a life worth telling—a remarkable life. Luis Velasquez is doing just that. From a small town in Guatemala, to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, and finally to the burgeoning suburbs of the Bay Area, Luis's life has been nothing short of remarkable.

Through his many experiences—fulfilling his dreams of success by earning a PhD in biochemistry and an MBA in Organizational Leadership; his battle with a brain tumor;  the destruction of his professorship dreams and the collapse of his marriage; his transformation into an ultra runner, Ironman, business owner, and self-proclaimed "endurance junky"; building a consulting business in executive leadership; serving as a mentor for others seeking guidance in reaching their goals—Luis has built the story of a life worth telling.

Luis's story encompasses his journey to where he is today, and how he came to live by five principles: Fear Happens, Change Happens, You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are, You Don't Have to Do it Alone, and Find Your Passion. Beyond the Fear is a blend of auto biography, research, and how-to guide for recovering from brain surgery, overcoming fear, finding your strength, courage and core values, and even training for an Ironman competition. It is part inspirational, and part call-to-action, daring you to live a remarkable life of your own.

Read more about Luis's story here, and stay-tuned for more about the book, when it will be released, and where you can find it.

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